David Tesinsky -Independent Photographer of People’s Stories – Street Stories –  Subcultural and Social Documentary – Free ArtWorks

Born: April 15. 1990 in Prague

David Tesinsky is independent documentary photographer of the subcultures „people’s stories“ and he is seeking to find out controversal, unique, special or just somehow deep view about the usual or unusual social topics itself. Bright moments and also problematics of nowdays. Recently he have made photo-series „Children of Islam“ about revolutionary youths „underground movement“ in Iran. Series „Jah People“ about the living legends of Reggae music and the culture of Rastafarians in Jamaica. In Czech Republic: Borstal story, Satan community, Oldest woman in Czech Republic, Circus people. „Rap is our Religion“ about everyday life of the rappers in US (Detroit, Bronx, Brooklyn, Baltimore). He was working 8 months on the project about the drug addicts in his hometown Prague where he spent alot of intense time with them in the streets and their squatter houses during days and nights. Tragicomical life of japanese businessmen in Tokyo and Osaka called „The Man Machine“,exorcism in Ethiopia, „Dictator or Gay?“ opression of gay and lesbians in Belarus,Punks in Berlin, life in slums in Nepal, India, Japan, Thailand, prostitution in Thailand and Ethiopia, dog and other animal’s murders in Cambodia or Malaysia, project about alternative ways of living and generally he spent last 7 years traveling around Asia, Europe, America and Africa. Out of documentary style you might see also his free editorial art works such as satirical „LIFE IS GOOD!“ project about killing the stereotypes.


You could see my photo stories published in the world medias / magazines such as:

The Huffington Post (USA)
Daily Mail (UK)
Paris Match (FR)
La Repubblica (IT)
Smithsonian (USA)
Le Monde (FR)
Gazeta Wyborcza (PL)
De Tijd (BE)
Svpressa (RU)
Newsweek (PL)
Witness Journal (IT)
P3 (PT)
REPORTER magazine (CZ)
Riddim (DE)
Phos Mag.(IT)
News.com.au (AU)
Don’t Panic (UK)
Rockers International (US, JAM)
Reflex (CZ)
Mlada Fronta Dnes (CZ)
and much more.


Sony World Photography Awards 2017 – commended photo „Trump’s Victory“ in Street Photography category: Link

AWARD OF EXCELLENCE by PICTURES OF THE YEAR INTERNATIONAL 2016 at category: Feature Picture Story www.poyi.org/73/R13/ae01.php

PDN STORYTELLERS (2016) – Awarded photo series “IRAN’S CHILDREN OF ISLAM” in Daily Life category

World Press Photo – Nominee for the 2016 Joop Swart Masterclass

2014 – Single photograph from „LIFE IS GOOD“ series (Canon junior awards) link
2015 – „Children of Islam“ series (3rd place at „Everyday life“) link
2016 – „Rap is our Religion“ 8 photographs (Old town sq., Prague)


In 2015/2016 Have a look a the short experimental videos based on the photo animations in collaboration with other artists (musicians, sand art etc.)

Photography and visual video editing by David Tesinsky.

Experimental video „JAH PEOPLE“ from Jamaica about living legends of Roots Reggae and Dub music and Rastafarian culture and the Sand Art of Verka Vybiralova.


Audio-Visual experimental project „Wave of Mutilation„. The project first release is in collaboration with the Music Producer Lushian Larroa who features his song “Attoseconds after the message”.

Portrait with Jan Svankmajer and my photo montage i’ve made on his request.

Interview about my journey and photo project from Iran in czech newspapper „Právo“

Czech Press Photo Awards exhibition in Prague and my awarded photo series. 2015