Ethiopian Orthodox Priest and Exorcist, Memehir Girma Wendimu gives spiritual healing
services at the mysterious Yerer Selassie church. An aspect of the Ethiopian Orthodox church
which often remains unseen by outsiders is the belief in ‘demon spirits’ or buda.

Often when an ill person has not responded to modern medicine or is performing especially rebellious actions, the person is believed to be possessed by a demon spirit. To heal this person, an exorcism must be performed by the local priests. This is so common that in a research study conducted by Pew
Research Center in 2010, 74% of Christians in Ethiopia claimed to have experienced or witnessed an exorcism. Ethiopian Orthodox was considered the state church until the fall of Haile Selassie in 1974. In many villages, the people have lived in fear of certain curses and demonic powers that have kept them in bondage and terror for generations.

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