On the edge of Prague is a house where are gatherings of the followers of Satan. They are practising satanistic and hoo-doo rituals for about 25 years already and then go back home to their families with their cars.

Their point of being Satan followers is mainly individualism. Being good because you are good and not being good for getting something in exchange or from a fear. It makes their lives happy and successful. It is very spiritual experience for them and they compare it to any other faith such as Christianity or Buddhism. For example they don’t like Christianity from it’s core as it makes people feel scared and to renounce things as they said. They don’t see any reason why to renounce anything if it makes you happy and won’t hurt the others.

I’ve met them several times and they allowed me to photograph some of their rituals (Dark Harlequin, Atlach-Nacha or friday the 13th).