It is the year 2021 and still there are many hard working children on our planet. Their daily fee is about $3 a day and the temperature is 25-40°C. On average many of those live only up to the age of 30. Especially those who work in Africa’s most toxic place called Agbogbloshie – in the capital of Ghana, in Accra.

They mostly collect recyclable materials – metals, but they also can’t avoid finding “pearls” – completely random and randomly valuable items.

Some of them go to school, but some of them are being sent there by their parents instead, saying that it is a greater certainty of earnings, albeit low, but it is a certain income.

After school, they have to work hard to earn something, and working at school is a remote opportunity for children to earn. There is no pension and the younger ones are taking care of the elders. Old people are almost invisible in the streets there. Children have to adjust to a hard life from an early age to survive in any situation.

Story behind the photo of a sleeping kid underneath the table from this series:

He is 2,5 years old and he sleeps underneath the table until his father closes a bar that he is running. Many people sit near his kid, pour drinks all around the table and walk over him when he changes his sleeping spot.

“I want to show him that Africa is not a bed full of roses” – his father said