Borstal for the most problematic children in
Czech Republic that is closed nowdays.

Borstal in Kraliky in Czech Republic is known as
a borstal for „most problematic youths“ in Czech
Republic. There were only 3 boys (from age 12 to
16) when i’ve visited this borstal and for each
of them there was a different reason for stay:
1st boy had agressive moods that were changing
often. 2nd boy did „only“ runaway from the
previous borstal and the 3rd boy have been
violent and into stealing things from the old
Nowdays they play ball games, smoking
cigarettes, work for the borstal for free and
Borstal is also known for a teacher that was
brutally attacked by one of the boys and had a
screwdriver stabbed into his neck. This is their
everyday life.

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