Hermits, sages, Tibetan monks…History knows many examples of alternative life
styles that were chosen by people in search of inner balance and harmony with the

In this series you can see several main characters:
Mira Ahimsa – No-Footprint eco lifestyle. Man that lives 10 years without money and
has pure connection with the nature. Don't use drugs, don't smoke, don't drink
alcohol, cafe or tea / herbs, don't warm up any food or drinks, don't make fire and get
food and clothes only from the trash containers.

Petr "Sailor" - Man who crossed the Atlantic ocean from Europe to America by a
sailboat. He has 12 kids and lives only from the trash containers as it's his speciality
though he has very large financial resources he doesn't touch them.

The project is made in Czech Republic near Prague and at the Rainbow gathering in the mountains of Romania.

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