Czech Photo – April 28th, 2021 – Národní Muzeum / National Museum –

Prague, Czech Republic

Chebské dvorky – June 10-12th, 2021 –

Cheb, Czech Republic

Wissensstadt Berlin 2021June 24th – August 21st, 2021 –

Berlin, Germany

9th Foto Art Festival – 8th-24th October 2021 (Galeria Bielska BWA, 3 Maja 11)

Bielsko-Biala, Poland


Galerie 4 – solo exhibition: “PHOTOGRAPHY AS A WEAPON, PHOTOGRAPHY AS A CURE” – 100 photos. May 21st – July 7th, 2020. Výstavu uvedl Vladimir 518 (video)

Cheb, Czech Republic

Funkadelic Studios – photo show and the freestyle cypher. Supreme FAM was originally curated by Syanide and Roberto De Jesus with the idea of photographer David Tesinsky capturing emcees performing in the streets of NYC. (Feb. 22nd, 2020)

New York City, USA

The Bistro – solo satirical photo exhibition “Life is good” – opening: January 21st, 2020

Prague, Czech Republic

“UKRAINE TIDING OVER” photo exhibition tour ( 2018 )

The International Visual Arts Project is dedicated to Ukraine that threads its way of overcoming.

Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine ( November )

Kyiv, Ukraine

Kyiv Photo Week ( October )

Kyiv, Ukraine

Krynica Zdrój ( September )

Krynica Zdrój, Poland

Ukrainian Orthodox Church in San Francisco ( August )

San Francisco, USA

Ukrainian National Museum ( August )

Chicago, USA

nevím kde ( June )

Jerusalem, Israel

Street Exhibition ( June )

Tel Aviv, Israel

Parliament of Canada  ( June )

Ottawa, Canada

Kyiv Airport  (Zhulany) ( March )

Kyiv, Ukraine

The Hybrid War Against Ukraine and Its Role in European Security ( November, 2017 )

Nicosia, Cyprus

The Press Club Brussels Europe ( Sep – Oct , 2017 )

Brussels, Belgium


Coffice – photo exhibition and the audio-visual show with Lushian Larroa. November 9th 7:30PM (Blanicka 4, Prague)

Prague, Czech Republic

Café Kamzík – solo satirical photo exhibition “Life is good” – opening: November 28th 7PM

Prague, Czech Republic

Caraffova Gallery – October, 2019 – solo exhibition “Photography as a weapon, photography as a cure”

Prešov, Slovakia

Stredoeuropsky dom fotografie (Central European House of Photography)

April, 2019 – solo exhibition “Photography as a weapon, photography as a cure”

Bratislava, Slovakia

FLIP bar – solo exhibition “Stolen Moments” (retrospective photo exhibition with photographic pieces from approx. 2011-13.) Opening: November 9th / 2017 until January 20th, 2018

Brussels, Belgium

Merkado at Kampus Hybernska – photo projection and talk about the fires in Amazonia

Prague, Czech Republic

Cross Club – “Jah People” (Jamaica) – solo exhibition + afterparty Cocoman live, December, 2018

Prague, Czech Republic

Centrála – “Streets of Detroit” – solo exhibition, December, 2018

Prague, Czech Republic

Embassy of Ukraine in Prague – “Ukraine: Tiding over” – group exhibition – October, 2018

Prague, Czech Republic

Embassy of Ukraine in Prague – “War is not over yet” – solo exhibition – December, 2018

Prague, Czech Republic

Kolárovo divadlo – solo event- photo projection, personal audio-visual projects, discussion – February, 2018

Police nad Metují, Czech Republic

Czech Photo Center – photo projection “Life is good” – April, 2019

Prague, Czech Republic

Centrála – “Jah People” (Jamaica) – solo exhibition, January 2019

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague College – class about my work and world for the students – March 2018

Prague, Czech Republic

POKŠT – “Life is good” – solo exbibition – Dec/2018 – Jan/2019

Utena, Lithuania


Lithuanian tour (photo projection evenings) (2018)

Jamaika hostel – APRIL 18, 8PM

Vilnius, Lithuania

POKŠT – APRIL 20, 8:30PM

Utena, Lithuania

Ideas Block – APRIL 25, 7PM

Vilnius, Lithuania


Czech Tour – “Stolen Moments” is a photo exhibition of a mixture of 48 photographs of people’s stories from 14 countries worldwide – solo exhibition

NC Čepkov – Zlín – Feb 5th – Feb 25th, 2018

Zlin, Czech Republic

NC Karolína – Ostrava – Feb 26th – Mar 11th, 2018

Ostrava, Czech Republic

NC Cukrovar – Hodonin – Mar 12th – Mar 25th, 2018

Hodonin, Czech Republic




TRANS PECOS – photo stories projection with DJ and artist Isis Swaby on March 22nd, 2016
Brooklyn / Queens, NY

Greenpoint Gallery – People’s Choice – group exhibition – prints. 390 McGuinness Blvd
Brooklyn, NY

Bring Your Own Film – JAH PEOPLE projection. Shoestring Press, 663 Classon Ave, Brooklyn NY. March 16th, 2016 – 8pm.
Brooklyn , NY

Universe Building  Jah People (Jamaica) + other stories. April 8th 2016.
Detroit, MI

TrumbullPlex  Photoscreening on April 7th 2016.
Detroit, MI

KALAphotoscreening on April 27th 2016.
Astoria, OREGON


Murmure Bar (Flagey) – “Stolen Moments” March 06/2014
Brussels, Belgium

La Gougoutte á pépé – “Guide to this world..and other worlds” Nov/2013 to Mar/2014
Brussels, Belgium

Lidovy Dum | People’s House – “Guide to this world..and other worlds” Jun 15 to Aug 27/2013
Prague, Czech Republic

Vzorkovna (Bartolomejska 13) – “Street life” No.3.  Apr 14/2012 to Jun 15/2012
Prague, Czech Republic

Cross club – “Street life” No.2. Mar 1/2012 to Apr 7/2012
Prague, Czech Republic

Napa Bar and Art Gallery – “Street Life” Jan 20/2012 to Feb 13/2012
Prague, Czech Republic

Notabene – Nepal/India/Ukraine Feb 13/2012 to Mar 13/2012
Prague, Czech Republic

La Casa Blu – Aug 7-Sep 11/2011 (Social document/Free work – Nepal/India)
Prague, Czech Republic

Vyton Art – “The Man-Machine” photo projection Sep/1 2012
Prague, Czech Republic

Stara dobra dira – Nepal/India/Ukraine Mar 19/2012 to Jul 25/2012
Prague, Czech Republic

Photo Screen Projection Events:

Casa da Horta – associação cultural
Exorcism in Ethiopia and other people’s stories (Photo projection) may 2nd / 2014
Faro, Portugal

Fabrica Dos Sentidos
Photo projection of People’s stories – Stolen Moments April 26th / 2014
Faro, Portugal

La Mora – “Guide to this world..and other worlds” photo projection Jul 27/2013
Minsk, Belarus

Stolen Gallery Dresden – “The Man-Machine” and ” Street stories from India and Nepal” photo projection Sep. 2/2012
Dresden, Germany

Ukradena Galerie – “The Man-machine” – life of business men in Japan, India – Nepal Jul 29/2012
Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

Addis Pablo ‘n’ Suns of Dub in CROSS Club and premiere of my short experimental movie “Jah People” made of photo animations and sand art of Verka Vybiralova. I’ve invited and arranged a common show with my favourite jamaican artist. Dec./2015
Prague, Czech Republic

CAPITAES DE ABRIL@Videoforum de Faro
Photo projection of People’s stories  april 24th / 2014
Faro, Portugal

UKG Písek: David Tesinsky + Lushian Larroa (Mexico) as special guest (Music producer & avant garde shamanic experimental guitarist) (Photo projection) june 25th /2014
Písek, Czech Republic

UKG Praha: David Tesinsky + Lushian Larroa as special guest (Music producer & avant garde shamanic experimental guitarist) (Photo projection) june 19th / 2014
Prague, Czech Republic

UKRADENA Galerie ČESKÝ KRUMLOV: DAVID TĚŠÍNSKÝ (Photo projection) june 1st /2014
Český Krumlov, Czech Republic


Scope Miami 2011 (art show) – Nov 28 to Dec 4/2011 – Booth A14 – PX Photography | New York. Show title “Timeless Islands”
Miami, Florida

Artinbox Gallery – Morocco 1960 – 2010 (Group Exhibition) Aug 14/2012
Dana Kyndrová, Libuše Kyndrová, Suzanne Pastor, David Těšínský, Georges & Philippe Joseph, Stefan Milkov.
Prague, Czech Republic

Bar du Matin – Photomatic one night projection shows: “The Man-Machine” and “City of ghosts” (Nov.2013)“Indian night” (Nov.2013) “Life is good” “Exorcism in Ethiopia” and “Dictator or Gay?” (Mar.2014)
Saint-Gilles, Brussels, Belgium

ARTINBOX Gallery – Laughter and Forgetting – group exhibiton with Jindrich Streit and more.
Prague, Czech Republic

Habrovka Festival | June / 2014
Prague, Czech Republic

Endless 8 – may 17th / 2014
Prague, Czech Republic

Recyclart – “You India like?” photo projection Feb.2014
Brussels, Belgium

Vzorkovna – Cruor Bestia Tour (Miroslav Sosoi – David Tesinsky) Jun 2/2012 (Decadence show)
Prague, Czech Republic

Klub Kapsa – HC benefit pro Usvit – “Street life” – Mar 10 to Mar 24/2012
Pilsen, Czech Republic

Prostor Underground – Feb 13/2011 (Barevné pozření 5)
Prague, Czech Republic

Nákladové nádraží – Sep 5/2010 (Barevné pozření 4)
Prague, Czech Republic

Prostor Underground – April 25 /2010 (Barevné pozření 3)
Prague, Czech Republic